Each planet in astrology possesses a special energy pattern. A Yantra is the visible form of an energy body, represented by a Mantra. Two general types of Yantras exist:

(a) Numerical Yantras - wherein special significant numbers are inscribed,      and
(b) Geometrical Yantras - based on specific geometrical designs.

Yantra should be frequently energized with the appropriate Mantras. They must be cleaned and empowered periodically like gemstones by the user. Yantras are less expensive than gemstones. They can be more effective than gems if meditated upon with mantras. They possesses no side/harmful effects.

While there is a wide range of Yantras - each with a specific purpose, we at Cyberastro.com have focused on the four basic purposes of life and have selected those Yantras that address the fulfillment of desires in these four directions. According to Vedic teachings, the four basic purposes or goals of life are:

  • Pursuit of Dharma (Vocation)
  • Pursuit of Artha (Wealth)
  • Pursuit of Kama (Sensual Pleasures)
  • Pursuit of Moksha (Salvation)
Planetary Yantra
The Planetary Yantra has two sides. On one side is the impression of the Surya Yantra and the reverse is the Numerical Yantra with its own planet Mantra for the planet that is presecribed for you.
Numeric Surya Yantra
The numeric Yantra is an all purpose Yantra created out of three prime metals. Gold, Silver and Copper. Copper is the core, then there is a Silver border and finally encased in gold.
Jupiter Yantra
The Jupiter Yantra has Jupiter's numeric pattern engraved on it. This numeric sequence relates specifically to the magic square of the number five. The numbers add up to 27 for each column, and 81 for the total. The reverse side of the Jupiter Yantra has the planetary symbol of Jupiter engraved on it.
Moon Yantra
This Moon Yantra is essentially beneficial for people with debilitated or afflicted Moon by either, co habitation or aspect of namely Saturn, Rahu or Ketu.
This Yantra is crafted as a 1 inch diameter silver locket with a 3 carat natural white pearl in a perfect astrological setting. The front face of the locket has the planetary symbol of Moon while the reverse is engraved with the numeric energy pattern of the Moon. This numeric sequence relates specifically to the magic square of the number two. The numbers add up to 18 for each column, and 54 for the total.
Hanumaan Yantra
Hanuman Yantra is to appeas Lord Hanuman. Those who have malefic Mars in their chart or Horoscope shall perform daily puja to Hanuman Yantra.
A Yantra is an instrument, or a talisman or a mystical diagram connected to Hanumaan. It is usually in silver or copper. This diagram is a technique or path, considered the simplest and shortest, through' which one can enhance or combat the influences of planet Mars.
Hanumaan Kavach
In Indian mythology, Lord Hanumaan is considered the God of power and strength and is worshipped by millions every Tuesday. Hanumaan Kavach properly energized by prayer and meditation is the protective shield, which will protect the wearer against all evils and perils.
Chandi Path
The power of evil is so great that even gods are unable to combat it single handed. It is only through the united effort of divinity in totality that it can be defeated. The name Chandi is one of the many names of goddess Durga.
Shri Yantra
Shri is the most powerful geometrical Yantra for peace & prosperity. Its design is based on intersection of nine triangles. Four of these triangles point upward and five downward. The four upward pointing triangles are the Shiva triangle (Male or Yang forces) and five downward pointing triangles are Shakti or Durga triangles (female or Yin forces). A combination of these nine triangles makes Shri Yantra the most dynamic of all Yantras.